We offer innovative biopsy solutions and tools, such as vacuum-assisted breast biopsies (VABB) courtesy of BARD.

Traditional biopsies that involve cells being taken for cytological testing are not always able to show the structures of tumors and predict their behavior. If the tumor is still unable to be felt and has not yet penetrated the basement membrane, and only microcalcinates are visible, a core needle biopsy might not produce sufficient information about an early stage of cancer. Vacuum-assisted breast biopsy (VABB) is much more comprehensive, as it allows medical staff to harvest a significantly larger amount of damaged tissue, the testing of which produces a more precise result.

Moreover, VABB is performed by controlling the procedure with the help of magnetic resonance imaging, which makes suspicious lesions in the breast visible when other methods do not. By using a vacuum-assisted needle, the detected benign tumor – let’s say a fibroadenoma – can be removed during the same procedure.   

VABB has many advantages, and is performed by using a hollow biopsy needle connected to a vacuum pump with a scalpel blade inside. The needle is inserted into the damaged tissue, and the vacuum helps to take a sample from the suspicious site.

Depending on the size of the breast and the doctor’s experience, by using the abovementioned method, lumps of up to 3-4 centimeters in size can be removed.

Vacuum-assisted biopsies are relatively short procedures. In addition, they are minimally invasive. The biopsy needle is inserted through a tiny (only 2-3 millimeter long) skin incision, which does not have to be sutured.

VABB is an in-patient procedure, after which the patient can immediately go home and is able to go to work the next day. After several weeks, only a tiny scar the size of a freckle is visible in the location of the incision – and as time goes by it usually disappears entirely.

VABB procedures are performed with local anesthesia, as they are not very painful. Due to the fact that they do not require general anesthesia, the procedure is an extremely good choice for patients for whom this method of anesthesia could be dangerous (e.g., women with cardiovascular or pulmonary diseases).

BARD EnCor Enspire system for vacuum-assisted breast biopsy

BARD Core Needle Biopsy

Magnum soft tissue biopsy device is designed for breast, prostate, lung, liver and kidney biopsies. The device is used with disposable BARD core biopsy needles that are known for their reliability, as they ensure a high-quality tissue sample is obtained. A wide range of different needle sizes gives you an opportunity to choose the best option for each specific patient and procedure. 

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