Zimmer® Universal Power System

Sormedica supplies Zimmer® Universal Power System, a highly efficient and versatile bone sawing and drilling system from Zimmer Biomet, for the convenience of surgeons.

One system does everything:

  • Drills
  • Mills
  • Saws

The design of the Zimmer® Universal Power System Universal Power System allows you to configure surgical instruments according to the specific clinical requirements of your operating room.

A versatile, easy-to-control and maintain system will increase your work efficiency and reduce your daily hospital costs.

Zimmer Biomet Universal Power System Zimmer® Universal Power System meets the highest demands of medical professionals by ensuring:

  • Speed. Whatever speed you need, the device will allow you to precisely set and control it.
  • Torque. There are 3 different speeds available: 250, 350, and 500 rpm will meet the requirements of your particular surgical case.
  • Working time. Lithium batteries last longer than nickel, thus you can complete the entire procedure with a single sterilized or aseptic battery.
  • Charge cycles. Sterilized – 150, aseptic – 300, thus you will need to buy fewer batteries during the service life.

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STABLECUT® Saw blade

Surgical blades need more than just sharp teeth. Controlled blade stability is required. STABLECUT® from Zimmer Biomet keeps the cutting line in the intended cutting path for you to have more control over your surgical tools.

STABLECUT® offers an extremely wide range of saws.

Whatever your orthopedic or surgical equipment might be, STABLECUT® will provide the right blade for you, to meet the specific needs of the patient and the surgeon.

STABLECUT® may also offer a separate solution for joint endoprostheses.

Zimmer Biomet recommends the use of STABLECUT® specific blades with the following endoprostheses:

  • Persona®
  • NexGen®
  • Vanguard XP®
  • Oxford®

STABLECUT® blades are compatible with other bone sawing instruments.

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Sormedica also represents Geister Medizinteknik, a famous company leading surgical instrument market.

Geister Medizinteknik’s innovators believe that “The surgeon’s hand is as perfect as perfect is surgical instrument that he vields”.

That is why Geister Medizinteknik pays special attention to medical opinion and tries to create individual solutions. Only this way can surgeons guarantee the highest quality of surgery that is naturally expected by patients.

Whether it is vascular, bone, spinal, or internal organ surgery, you will be able to find an extremely high quality instrument in an extremely wide portfolio of G BLUE LABEL Premium line. 

Visit the Geister Medizinteknik product website at, or contact Sormedica professionals directly to help you choose the product that suits you best.

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