We supply iodine seed implantation needles and iodine seeds themselves for low dose rate (LDR) brachytherapy.

BARD® BRACHYSTAR® Iodine Seed Implanting Needles are designed for a flawless performance of a procedure:

  • The extra sharp needle tip and polished needle surface ensure smooth needle insertion and removal.
  • The needle tip is visible under ultrasound control for extremely accurate needle insertion.
  • Electrically polished surface provides easy access to even the densest tissues.

Brachysource® iodine-125 seeds are a combination of innovative design, excellent visibility, and reliable dosage:

  • 8mm golden marker.
  • In order to ensure radiation safety, the titanium shell of Brachysource® iodine-125 seeds is about 50% denser than other iodine seed implants.
  • These seeds are produced by the world-renowned company BARD, which makes the ordering of the seeds reliable and safe.

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