We supply an innovative STERRAD® operating room sterilization system that reduces H2O2 emissions and effectively protects instruments, users, patients, and environments of healthcare facilities.

STERRAD NX® system with ALLClear® technology uses hydrogen peroxide vapor and plasma to safely and quickly sterilize medical devices and materials, minimizing the potential for toxic emissions.

This system has over 23,000 MDM’s (Medical Device Manufacturer) approvals for safe use.

Each year, more than 15 million sterilization cycles are successfully performed worldwide, with a positive effect on millions of patients per year.

STERRAD NX® System with ALLClear® Technology – speed and flexibility in a compact model

STERRAD NX® system with ALLClear® technology is based on 25 years of experience in manufacturing low temperature sterilization systems. 

The sterility is ensured with the use of an updateable platform that increases efficiency and safety.

With ALLClear®, just load and leave!

ALLClear® technology ensures optimal conditions for packaging and instrument during sterilization. This technology guarantees:

  • Instrument heating.
  • Correction of loading problems and moisture detection.
  • Diagnostic check of the system before the sterilization cycle.

STERRAD NX® system with ALLClear® technology is very easy to use and reduces the number of operator errors:

  • Graphic display showing the correct loading position for the selected cycle.
  • Cycle information screens that detail the devices of every cycle that can be processed.
  • Intuitive, on-screen instructions simplify system operation and personnel training.
  • Updatable system.
  • Network capability with multiple device tracking systems and hospital servers.


STERRAD NX® system uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide and plasma to rapidly sterilize medical devices by reducing toxic residues.

The system also includes:  

  • System for safe removal of sterilization substance cartridges.
  • Quality Control Integration.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Monitor.

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