Dialysis is a renal replacement therapy that is applied when a person’s own kidneys are no longer able to clean the organism of metabolic products, remove excess water or maintain a normal acid-alkaline and electrolyte balance in the body. There are two types of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Sormedica offers equipment and disposable instruments for both of these procedures.  


We offer Nikkiso hemodialysis machines, which are known throughout the world for their quality and reliability.
Nikkiso was the pioneer of manufacturing hemodialysis machines in Japan, and during the years that followed has earned a worldwide reputation of making high-end dialysis machines.
The new DBB-EXA dialysis machines are manufactured to ensure a better-quality and more efficient procedure in terms of the patient. These ergonomic and automated machines facilitate the work of the medical staff, who in turn can give more time to their patients.

These machines automatically perform all stages of dialysis without any supervision by staff. After filling themselves with blood, they routinely transition to the treatment mode, reinstate the blood and signal the end of the procedure afterwards.

All necessary information about each patient and their individual treatment data are stored on an electronic patient card. After the card is placed in the machine, the system reads the necessary data and gets ready for treatment. You do not have to re-enter the data every time the machine is used.

Other characteristics of Nikkiso dialysis machines:

  • Unique D-FAS system fills the blood lines automatically, then initiates the treatment mode and afterwards routinely returns the blood to the patient;
  • Online HDF/HF before and after dilution;
  • Concentrate nozzle rinse;
  • 2 dialysate filters for better filtration of the replacement fluid and dialysate;
  • Graphic display of the most important parameters;
  • UF, general, bicarbonate conductivity profiling;
  • Convenience and reliability.

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