The multicomponent apheresis platforms MCS+, manufactured by American company Haemonetics, a leader in the global market that we represent, are designed for collecting various fractions of blood, including erythrocytes, blood plasma, thrombocytes and peripheral blood stem-cells. Meanwhile, PCS2 platforms present a great choice for plasma collection.

Haemonetics “one needle” technology is especially user-friendly and well-tolerated by donors. Moreover, it makes it possible to work with various donors irrespective of their body mass, as well as patients who have smaller peripheral veins. The platforms can be used in stationary and mobile environments.

In addition, we represent and supply the products of Macopharma – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of instruments and devices designed to take blood from donors and produce blood components. Macopharma pays extraordinary attention to the safety and quality of blood components transfused to donors, and to ensuring smooth and comfortable operation of blood donation agencies. The solutions created by this globally acclaimed manufacturer have numerous valuable features:

  • Wide range (options from 1 to 5 bags with each system);
  • Various configurations (top/top, top/bottom);
  • Volume from 200 ml to 500 ml;
  • Various anticoagulants and additional solutions;
  • Systems can be accompanied by an in-line leucocyte filter, or without it;
  • Bags for autologous transfusion;
  • Equipment for collecting blood and separating its components;
  • Made in Europe;
  • Highest-quality standards;
  • Implementation of innovative technologies.

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